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The course will familiarize the student with the subject of fraud and misconduct in the workplace.  It discusses the expectations of DoD to exceed minimum requirements. It illustrates various options available to the auditor for many different scenarios.  Advice is offered regarding Audit Planning and Execution phases, how and when to report potential fraud.  It suggests a proper way to document fraud risks.  It discusses the process of making referrals and the various organizations and the requirements in dealing with fraud, waste and abuse.  There is an extensive discussion on Deficiencies in Internal Control and indications of fraud risk.


Credits: 4
Estimated Length: 4 hour(s)


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Online Lesson1. Getting Started -
Online Lesson2. Introduction -
Online Lesson3. What is Fraud Risk Management? -
Online Lesson4. What is Fraud Review Questions -
Online Lesson5. Designated Responsibilities -
Online Lesson6. Designated Responsibilities Review Questions -
Online Lesson7. Indicators and Examples -
Online Lesson8. Indicators and Examples Review Questions -
Online Lesson9. Final Examination -


After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Increase his/her awareness of types of fraud and misconduct in the workplace
  • Understand the Responsibilities and expectations of Auditor’s performance
  • Increase his/her awareness of the various options based on the circumstances that develop
  • Understand how to document fraud risks
  • Become familiar with many types of Internal Control weaknesses
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